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We have chosen to use Martin Audio London products for our world-class events. Martin Audio is one of the world's leading manufacturer providing the sound system for example for Glastonbury and SZIGET Festivals and also for our events and stages. Thanks to its uniform engineerd design, outstanding high sound pressure level and linearity, it became one of the most popular brand worldwide in the high-tech solutions for sound systems. Due to its versatile usage - depending on its configuration - it is a perfect solution for every event – be it voice, live concert or event with electronic music -  from 20 people press conference up to open-air festivals of 15.000- 20.000 people.

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Lighting solution

We have carefully selected a wide variety of lights, focusing on the up-to-date high-tech solutions and also keeping in mind the diverse technical needs of the different productions, events, goals and functions. Therefore, to best serve our customers and to highlight their event, uction or performances. Our stock is made up of almost everything, including from the traditional theatre lights, to the latest technology movinghead lights, laser lights, LED lighting. Thus making a presentation highlighted, a performance spectacular or an environment pleasant and intimate. The palette of our lighting products are selected from the world renowned manufacturers’ products followed by overall test runs.

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Nowadays on the highway of technology, only your dreams are the limitation of the reality. Our LED screens and walls and other HD video equipments are in your service to make your dream visible.

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Trussing, rigging
and stage roofing

Our trussing systems are produced by the Litec company,
which parts can be assembled together almost to any shape (round, square, triangle, linear) and up to 18m in length, or several tons in load capacity. The components of our trussing system are lifted up by Guil lifts or CM Lodestar chain hoist motors. Covering on the outdoor events is essential thus we provide total cover-ups from 6x3m to 16x12m.